There are Three Great Ways to Get Involved:

Attend a Dinner

When you attend a dinner, you get the opportunity to share your stories in a safe and moderated setting alongside your neighbors. You also get the chance to listen to their stories, and gain a much deeper appreciation of who your neighbors truly are. One participant recently said, "I know more about people at this table than about some of my friends I've had for 20 years!"

A diverse group of people listening to each other has become a rare event in our society and it is an opportunity not to be missed.

After you sign up with the form below, your name will be given to a volunteer host who will contact you and check on any food allergies and give you directions to his or her home, as well as the host’s contact information.

On the evening of the event, you will be warmly greeted and given a name tag.  Once all the guests arrive, you will be informed by your host as to the simple supper menu and how to serve your plate and then have a seat at the table.

Once everyone is seated, a certified My Neighbor’s Voice moderator then formally starts the evening using the same script for every event.  No cell phones are allowed.

We begin with introductions.  These last about 2-3 three minutes each.

After everyone has introduced themselves, the moderator then produces the deck of My Neighbor’s Voice questions and answers the first question. The questions are about our community and civic life together, and they’re divided into four categories or rounds.  You will have about 3 minutes to answer your question.


Once you’ve given your answer, you pass the deck to the next person and he or she answers the next question, and so on.  No one at any time may ask a question or make any response to someone else’s question or response.  We just get to listen.

At the end of the third round, there’s a brief break and coffee, tea, and dessert are served.

After the final round of questions, the moderator then opens the table up to everyone.  That’s when folks can ask questions, clarify a previous answer, and make comments.  You will be asked to fill out a survey about your experiences which you may do at the end, take home, or fill out online.


Get A Box of Cards

We sell individual boxes of My Neighbor’s Voice Questions for personal use. People use them while having coffee with friends, in the classroom, or to make Thanksgiving Dinner a little more peaceful. If you would like to order a set, you can purchase them in person at any of our events in South Carolina or Colorado for $20.

We can also mail them to you for an additional shipping charge. The Box includes two timers, all of our questions, and an instruction sheet.

Host or Moderate an Event

If you have attended several dinners and want to help this project grow, we are always looking for new hosts and moderators.

Click here to learn more about Hosting

Click here to learn more about Moderating

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