Hosting a Dinner

Hosting is a wonderful opportunity to promote listening with My Neighbor’s Voice.  As a host, you will work with the moderator in offering deep hospitality to everyone attending. There are three ways to host a gathering:

  • We create a table and assign it to you with a moderator

  •  You create a table and we provide a moderator.

  • A combination of these two. You may have some folks you want to join, but not enough to fill a table. We can work with you to do that.

Below is a list of your responsibilities and timeline:

1.  Two weeks before your dinner, you will get a list of those who have signed up from My Neighbor’s Voice if we are creating the table for you. If you are creating your own table, it is a good idea to confirm folks attending two weeks out as well.  Contact everyone who has signed up to confirm their attendance.  If anyone says they cannot come, contact your local My Neighbor’s Voice coordinator and they will work on filling in the gaps.  At this time, also ask for any food preferences or allergies and give them directions to your home.  Make sure they know that the dinner will start promptly at 6:00.

2. Prepare a simple meal, for example, of soup, cheese, bread, fruit and small chocolates or cookies.  Provide coffee, tea, and other beverages.

3. Work with the moderator on the night of the gathering to assign seating based on compatibility.  Make sure to separate couples.

4. Work with the moderator to ensure a timely beginning.  Once the gathering has begun, the moderator will be in charge of the evening and guide folks through the introductions and the 4 rounds of questions.

5. There will be a break after the 3rd round of questions for dessert, coffee and tea.  If you need to brew the coffee, the beginning of the 3rd round is a good time for this.

6. Fill out a host report after the event, either online or on paper.

7. Enjoy!

If you are interested in hosting in the Greenville area, contact

If you are interested in hosting in Western Colorado, contact