Dialogue in America is Broken

We’ve Created a Way to Change It

My Neighbor’s Voice was started in 2016 when two great friends had a conversation. They were worried that the lack of civil dialogue was tearing America apart and they agreed to work together to find a solution.

Today My Neighbor's Voice is a structured and moderated conversation where all interested members of our community can share a meal and listen to one another speak about our civic concerns.

Founders  Mary Anne Inglis  and  Victoria Chance

Founders Mary Anne Inglis and Victoria Chance

Interestingly, My Neighbor’s Voice is not designed to educate, or to change minds. While these can certainly happen, our events are designed to bring us together simply to be heard, to speak of our thoughts, and share our experiences about how best to live together in our Democracy. 

Because these conversations are moderated, participants feel safe to share their stories without fear of a challenge or backlash. And because everybody is allowed to express his/her truths without interruption, participants consistently discover many shared values across ideological lines. It’s that discovery that brings hope and inspires confidence in our American democracy.

We cannot continue to rip apart our society through polarizing rhetoric.

Come join us in weaving our communities back together through meaningful conversation.

“My Neighbor’s Voice has changed how I think about conversations in America. I was dubious this discussion could be constructive. The experience proved me wrong.”

— Randall Smith, My Neighbor’s Voice Participant


How it works

My Neighbor’s Voice has created a deck of Listening Cards in four different categories. These categories are Political Thought, Our Society, Environment and Health, and Civic Rights and Responsibilities.

Each participant draws a card and then has three minutes to share his/her perspective on the topic. During that time, no one is allowed to respond, comment, or interrupt. When the time is up, the next person draws a fresh card on a different topic and the process repeats.

Whether you use the cards with a friend over coffee or at a formal dinner, there is no goal to have a discussion or reach a consensus. The point of My Neighbor's Voice is to simply allow our neighbors to share their stories and for us to hear them with generosity. With participants having the freedom to speak openly about the things that matter most, we can all discover deep truths in one another’s perspectives.

In the News:

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The Upstate Mediation Center, has awarded their 2019 Peacemaker Award to Victoria Chance and Mary Anne Inglis for creating My Neighbor’s Voice. The Upstate Mediation Center (UMC) is a community based non-profit organization providing high-quality, affordable mediation services to individuals, families, and businesses in conflict in the Upstate of South Carolina. The UMC Board of Directors said, “The Peacemaker Award is designed to recognize a member of the community who has made a significant difference in promoting tolerance, building good will and understanding, resolving conflict, and striving for peace.”

The award will be given during National Conflict Resolution week at the UMC’s Peacemaker Celebration.  The event will be held at the Rutherford, in Greenville on Tuesday, October 15th.


Let’s Get Together

My Neighbor’s Voice works because it brings us face to face to hear one another’s perspective. In addition to hosting dinners, we are available for presentations to groups, clubs, classes and congregations. We create and facilitate My Neighbor’s Voice workshops for all organizations, and we are happy to introduce our Cafe Listening model over a cup of coffee anytime.

We believe that breaking bread is the most important thing we can do as neighbors. At our Dinner Events, volunteer hosts and moderators bring up to 10 participants together for a shared meal. While we eat, we take turns answering the Listening Cards. Over the course of two and a half hours, My Neighbor’s Voice offers a kind of generosity that is so rare in our culture: We create a space where people can share their truth.

To date, we have held more than 80 dinners in 4 States. Our model is sustainable and rapidly replicating. To attend a dinner or get more information about hosting or becoming a moderator click here.


Ready to get involved?